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Brain Health Coaching/Therapy

Tiffany is a Certified Brain Health Coach by the Amen Clinic. She has been trained in the Amen Clinic methods used to improve the health of your brain. Tiffany can work with you with or without the brain spect findings, by conducting in office assessments. The treatment protocol she follows to start rehabbing your brain, are those that she is trained in, which is based on over 100,000 brain spects conducted by the Amen Clinics. Who is this appropriate for? Anyone struggling with Mood issues, Addiction, Overeating, Focus Issues and any resistant, chronic diagnosis, that has failed diagnosis. What will it involve? Please follow this link, to get an idea of the method. How long will it take? It depends on how your brain types.


There is not one type of Depression, Anxiety or  ADD. There is not one type of Addict or Overeater. This brain based program can even be used to improve your relationship!  Based on your brain type and how much rehabbing is needed, the amount of time can vary. It also depends on your commitment. As a client of Tiffany's, you are counseled, you are coached, you are treated based on your diagnosis in the most holistic way possible. This is a comprehensive approach, above and beyond traditional therapy. Learn a little about your brain here


The process involves a very thorough intake, brain typing, blood chemistry assessment to rule out biochemical issues, recommended interventions, nutritional interventions, supplement treatment and talk therapy. Expect a 3-6 month commitment. Sessions are $125 and are weekly. Only Private Pay and  BCBS are accepted for this particular treatment approach. 

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