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I wrapped a 90 minute integrative session recently, with a young lady diagnosed previously with Aspergers and Binge Eating Disorder. After a mental health intake, plus a hair analysis, and food sensitivities assessment, I believe that the answer is different. Her severe ADD, binge eating patterns and social challenges are the result of high copper, low zinc, lithium issues, fatty acid deficiency and gluten and dairy intolerance. She also has inadequate digestion, which means even more deficiencies.

A new diet, and supplements protocol will change her options in life. The Amen clinic is how her family found me.

Daily I sit in gratitude for my practice F4L Integrative Therapy and the impact that the F4L Diva Protein Bars are having on the lives of my clients.

Fit 4 Life, " A Lifestyle, Not a Fad"

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