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Functional Nutrition & Naturopathy

The body is a holistic unit, and what is going in the body, impacts our mental health and well being. Specifically gut health, toxins, infections, past traumas, parasites, and heavy metals all impact brain health. Gut inflammation by way of the vagus nerve and leaky gut, creates brain inflammation. The terrain of the body and epigenetics are figured in, but are just part of a complex picture. We know that  food is medicine, but it can also be toxic. Remember that environment can be toxic, stress can be toxic, and that repair and detox are so very important. Here is what you MUST also know: you can feel better, and you can heal! 

You can overcome mold and Lyme symptoms, recover your brain, kill infections and parasites, manage weight, reduce body-fat and cellulite, detox, improve energy, balance hormones, and improve digestion! All healing is possible when you start at the root. The trick is to address underlying causes of stress! When this is done, healing of treatment resistant anxiety, treatment resistant depression, Adult and Adolescent ADHD, eating disorders-specifically Bulimia, addictions, CFS, fibromyalgia, IBS, blood sugar problems, insomnia and more is possible. 


Choose your preferred direction:

  • Custom Nutrition and Weight Mgmt
  • Brain Health Coaching
  • Natural Medicine Consult 

Natural Medicine Consult in office includes: 40 page intake, a tongue and nail analysis, client history, Amen brain health assessment, pH testing, nutritional assessment, Functional Medicine and Toxin quiz, general supplement recommendations, lifestyle suggestions and nutrition direction.

More complex presentations include energetic testing, lab testing and environmental modification support. Treatment plan duration is 3-12 months.

You will know where the challenges are coming from, and have a plan. 

Sound Familiar:

“I feel crazy, I can’t lose weight, I don’t feel right, but my doctor says I am fine!  Something isn’t right! Tiffany how  can you help me, if they can’t?”

“I’ve been stressed out, for so long, I’m done. I’m always exhausted!”

“I think I need a metabolic rehab! I used to always be lean, and have my weight under control, and now I just struggle”

“I was fine until the divorce.” “I was fine, until my family member passed.”


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