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Intensive Treatment

Sometimes therapy can take too long. The visits stretch many weeks and months and because of life's distractions, it can be challenging to commit the time needed to truly see change. The way that Tiffany conducts Integrative Therapy means that there are multiple physical health assessments, mental health assesments and supplemental diagnostic sessions. Mental health treatment and Coaching includes Intake, Planning, Intervention and even In Vivo treatment. An Intensive sets the stage for faster success. It takes sessions that would potentially span 3 months and condenses them into 20 hours. 

We will assess physical imbalances, and blood chemistry disturbances, supplement neurotransmitter imbalances and screen for other concerns prior to and during the sessions.

-Virtual Intake is conducted for 90 minutes. Quizzes are completed after this session. 

-2.5 days are spent in therapy and coaching together, including two lunch meals together. 

- Includes the F4L meal plan and supplements 

-Evenings must include attending local 12 step FA/OA support meetings arranged in advance.

- Virtual or in person follow-up sessions are expected for 3 months minimum

This work is one of the biggest investments you will make in your life. Your health, happiness and future will be impacted. It requires multiple workbooks on emotional eating, cognitive behavioral therapy, intuitive eating and weight mgmt therapy. These will need to be purchased in advance. You will be provided a list from Marisol, Tiffanys assistant.

The total cost includes all intensive therapy, virtual intakes and screenings, as well as supplements. It is $3,510.

If slightly extended treatment is required, we need to determine prior to arrival in Charlotte. If residing in Charlotte, the expectation is that client will spend treatment days in a hotel, allowing time away from daily stressors. 

Please email [email protected] for a 15 minute consult. 

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