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Know Your WHYs

I had an intake with an ADHD teen with mood and behavior challenges recently. This is my typical client now: head injuries/concussions (Cerebellum and PFC) processing issues, high IQ though, massive impulse and mood issues, low protein diet, no veggies in diet, sleep issues and often times never properly worked-up.


This means ADHD was diagnosed as just a focus issue (untrue), executive functioning was never explained (a travesty). Stimulants may have been the only treatment 🙄. This also means that the concussions didn't receive fish oil, curcumin, diet change, Neurofeedback and hyperbaric oxygen.


My integrative approach requires work, behavior change, lab interventions, a lot of assessment, time and precious resources. So I spent 45 minutes of that 2 hr appointment making sure my new teenage client was clear on the Why's. It can't be because of parental/external pressure, you have to want a better life. You have to want more, and then we can go there.


I am so impressed and in awe of my 16-21 year old clients that can say to me, I want to make better decisions, I want to stop getting things wrong, "yes Mrs. Tiffany, I do want a better brain!" My reply is always the same: "That I can do, because this is your Why. Having a why is the only way this will ever work, and I will remind you constantly that you said this"! 😂


I am so hopeful for this family, and grateful that I'm doing the work that I wish was done for me at 16 and 18 years old. Every one of my trials has become a testimony. I love that this young person, like many in my practice, will take this improved brain and make healthy life choices. Will stop getting things "wrong all the time", and is learning about the neurological aspect of life, that is so powerful!! Know your WHY's, without them you are lost and will struggle unnecessarily.


~Doc Brown-Bush

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