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Providing individual, group and couples healing.

Treatment specialization includes:


  • *Naturopathic Evaluation and Testing for Acquired Environmental Illness
    • Lyme Literate Therapist and Naturopath
    • Mold and Mycotoxin Literate Therapist and Naturopath
    • Heavy Metal Detox
    • Parasite Cleansing
    • POP (environmental toxins) Detox
    • Detoxing Lymphatic Support
    • Adrenal and HPA support
  • Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Coaching 
  • Hormone Balancing and Gut Restoration 
  • Blood Chemistry Analysis
  • Nutrition Supplementation
  • Healthy Boundaries


As an Integrative and Holistic Therapist, Tiffany addresses how everything we do and feel, is a result of the interconnectedness of brain and body . Integrative therapy views nutrition, sleep, supplementation, hormone balancing, movement, spirituality and brain balancing as important variables in mental and physical health. Tiffany's counseling orientation is RLT, CBT and Mindfulness, in conjunction with holistic practices.  In a comfortable and supportive, yet very direct atmosphere, you will receive a highly customized approach, tailored to your individual needs, to help attain the personal growth, and health you're striving for. Services are offered virtually via Zoom, and in person. Note: Such a holistic approach can require a great deal of patience, as underlying causes are assessed. It requires more time, and more assessments. 

**What do I expect? How do I get started?

Listen to this audio: Message 

1. Email or Call for a 15 minute phone consult with Tiffany.  Tiffany's Assistant's will respond, and assist with next steps.

2. If insurance is an option for service, send in BCBS information for a precertification of benefits for Talk Therapy only.

3. Set up an account for scheduling and payments https://clients.mindbodyonline.com/classic/home?studioid=40895 

4. Complete contracts and disclosure sent from F4L Integrative Admin via EchoSign.

5. Prior to the Initial Intake Appointment complete all of the Intake forms and Physical Health quizzes and Brain Health quizzes

6. Prior to the Second appointment provide admin with your most recent Blood Chemistry Lab. There is a document fee for insurance clients.

What is the session flow of "therapy only" treatments?

1. Intake session(s)- History of presenting issue and Intake Form, Genogram, Timeline 

2. Review -Brain Health Questionnaires paper and online

3. Review Blood Chemistry Analysis, Health Quizzes

4. Treatment Planning based on these 3-4 appointments

           a. Diagnosis

           b. What interventions?

           c. What Supplements? (private pay)

           d. What nutrition? (private pay for non ED diagnosis)

           e. Functional Medicine/Natural Health? (private pay)

           f.  Brain Scan (private pay)


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