Root Cause Issue

I love this image, it's one of the more accurate, albeit overwhelming explanations. We are missing EMF's and then this would illustrate the toxic soup that explains the Why. Why do I feel bad, and struggle, while everyone else seems to be fine? They aren't, you are just the canary in the mine, you are the sensitive one.

-ADHD, cravings, obesity, impulse control, mood issues, Anxiety, focus, eating disorders, constipation, compulsions, addictions health crisis, pms, sleep disorders, TMJ, energy production...... the lost is endless.

Start with good food, lots of veggies and the right water. However, that's not enough, it's just the beginning. If you are Keto, consider something a bit lighter in fat and meat. Mark Hyman, MD, has some great information.

Open up your detox channels DAILY and keep them open! I'll talk more about the running of the BULLS!

Love yourself this 2019, Crave Life!


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