What Is Integrative Therapy

I love sitting and talking with clients, we problem solve, we creat treatment plans, and we set goals.

It's just not enough, to truly address Impulse control, Focus, Motivation and Brain Fog.

My best successes, and where I see the most progress, is when I holistically treat my client's brain.

So much actually contributes to the "symptoms" that are experienced in an ADHD/ADD brain.

I'll talk more about BDNF, Gut flora, Clostridia, Candida, Diet later. This post looks at the impact of Heavy Metals on the brain. The symptoms of which are mysteriously similar to the ADHD symptoms.

I test hair minerals and metals because of this connection. I will move on to a urine challenge, just to get a bit more confirmation. This means that if this is a positive test, in any way, we need the body in custom minerals, and a supportive program for heavy metal detox.

Keep in mind that heavy metals make for good parasite food..., so the appropriate assessment, will assume and confirm: parasite, bacterial and virus infection. This is an important detail, because of the neurotoxin environment this creates.

Start with



✅green veggies

then locate a good integrative practitioner. Someone who understands mercury damaging neurons, and aluminum's inflammatory impact on the blood vessels of the brain. Keep in mind that aluminum plus glyphosate impacts the pineal gland, therefore exacerbating sleep issues!

~Doc Brown Bush







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