I Believe That

1. The Amen clinic was what overhauled my practice and my life's purpose. Once I became Brain Health Certified, my treatment's and work changed.

2. That the brain workup last year is what started me on a path to save my own brain. Without the image of my brain, which was exactly what my own assessments said it would look like; I wouldn't have started the tireless search for answers.

The psychiatrist said my brain was beautiful, very well cared for (fit 4 life) but I was totally inflamed. She slammed the picture down theatrically and said "welcome to ring of fire".

I was shocked, and confused, as my brain image showed a crown of red. I knew what this was before I sat in her office, but kept telling myself that I was wrong. I knew I'd felt anxious, angry and overwhelmed, despite doing ALLLLLLL of the things. That I was suffering from severe digestive issues, fatigue, pain, and swelling. Here was my proof that I wasn't imagining it.

I'll share the details of my #cravedetox journey later.

I can say that I went to traditional MD's. However the answers that I needed after $1,000's invested, was in the Functional Medicine world. I ran my own labs, then vetted them with mentors.

My labs were the worst in my practice. Each and every one was worse than the one before.

My mother developed breast cancer at 40. My journey has been environmental illness, and auto immune.

Transgenerational trauma is no joke. Despite all of my efforts, here we were. I know why I was vulnerable to stealth infections and toxin burden. The next steps were to handle it.

2019 for me has been about embracing major changes, and prioritizing my health and personal development. I will be sharing my conversation with that psychiatrist and the labs I ran. The infections and the toxins that took over my immune system. I'll also share how I've detoxed personally and professionally.

So, Dr.Amen will be speaking tonight. I'm including the link. Check out what's he's talking about. You may be like I was, in denial or not wanting to be dramatic or too worried about everyone else to address your health. You must #cravedetox. All of my programs are not right for you, but there is something that will work.

Dr.Amen tonight.