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I am Dr. Tiffany Brown-Bush and I am diversely trained as an Integrative Mental Health Therapist, Traditional Naturopath and Board Certified Doctor of Natural Medicine. I specialize in Brain Function and Emotional struggles for individuals, couples and families.

I personally struggled during my youth with mood, food and focus issues. I realized over the years that many of my struggles were rooted in genetics, childhood trauma's, food sensitivities, antibiotic overuse, stealth infections, digestive challenges and hormonal imbalances. 

These struggles in my youth, didn't end as an adult, which ultimately demanded a love for Self-Care and a Craving for a healthier lifestyle. As you can see, my passion to self-heal, has been based in a desperation to feel my best, think my clearest and create the life I envisioned for myself. While on my journey I realized that my husband and my family needed this type of help, and so did the client's that I serve! That is how my purpose driven mission gathered momentum.

So many that struggle with Focus, Fatigue, Brain Fog and Feelings they don't like , don't make the connections that I did about the root cause origins. There is so much unnecessary suffering and I am blessed to be able to help. I want you to use the Appointment Request info at the bottom of the page to schedule your 15 minute complimentary phone consult, let's see if I can help you.

A bit more about me. I am the creator of the Doc Brown-Bush protocols. I have 24 years of experience in coaching fitness and nutrition, 14 years experience as a Neuro  PyschoTherapist, specializing in Eating Disorders and ADHD. I have offered functional medicine and naturopathy for 9 years. Among my areas of expertise are combining Rational Living Therapy (a form of CBT), QNRT (trauma reset), IFS, Functional Neurology with Brain Retraining, Naturopathy, Functional Diagnostic Nutrition, Exercise, Supplementation and Lifestyle Modifications .

I have presented workshops, corporate wellness lunch and learns, private workshops for groups and created numerous online programs. I enjoy educating the public on the underlying functional, neurological and naturopathic causes of mental health and physical health issues.

I am ready to connect with you! I have a direct, yet gentle approach. I will help you to hear your stinking thinking, improve your emotional health issues and physical health challenges. I have a large toolbox to pull from, as learning is what I do for fun, sharing it is my passion.


Here are my trainings and education:

  • Traditional Naturopathic Doctor and Doctor of Natural Medicine (Board Certified)
  • Licensed  through the NC Board of Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselors.
  • Level 1 IFS Certified Therapist
  • Level 1 Trained in Emotional Freedom Technique ACEP
  • Emotion Focused Family Therapy Trained EFFT by Adelle Lafrance Levels 1 and 2, plus specialized trainings 
  • Emotion Focused Couples Therapy Trained EFT (Hold me Tight and Created for connection)
  • ADHD - Certified Clinical Services Provider
  • Certified Clinical Trauma Professional Level 1 Janina Fisher 
  • Certified Clinical Trauma Professional Jennifer Sweeton
  • Trauma trained IFS Therapist
  • ISEAI full member
  • Functional Neurology Certified and Post Concussion Support Certified
  • Trained in Brainspotting Levels 1 and 2
  • Melillo Method Certified  Dr. Melillo (Neurodevelopmental Disorders in Children) and
  • ReCODE Certified by Dr. Bredesen (Alzheimer's and cognitive decline)
  • Trained in Functional Medicine by the Kharrazian Institute.
  • QNRT Certified practitioner
  • Amen Center Certified Brain Health Coach and Licensed Trainer
  • Safe and Sound Protocol SSP Certified in Polyvagal Theory
  • NACBT Certified Eating Disorder Specialist, Rational Living Therapist Level 1 and 2 Certified
  • Trauma trained IFS Therapist
  • Trinity School of Natural Health-Traditional Naturopath Diploma Program
  • Graduated with an M.S.-Magna Cum Laude, in Mental Health Counseling, from Capella University 
  • Intern at The Renfrew Center of Charlotte (9months)- an eating disorders treatment center.
  • B.A. in Psychology from UNC Charlotte with minors in Communication and Women’s Studies.
  • Kalish Method , FDN-P, and Gottfried Hormone Cure trained practitioner.
  • Creator of the EAT-Fit program which has been deemed by the North Carolina Board of Dietetics/Nutrition as meeting standards for safe weight control and nutrition support.
  • In a past life I was in IT with a focus in websites and testing, for 2.5 years. I worked in Silicon Valley for a tech company, but always maintained residence on the East Coast. When the tech bubble burst I followed my passion, and started my business in Charlotte NC. I am deeply spiritual, a pet mom to 1 dog, an avid reader and love preparing healthy whole food meals for my husband and I. Let me help you to reach your goals.

Please call or email to request a complimentary 15 minute phone consultation today, using the Appointment Request link to your left or bottom of page.


If you are ready for true change, for true transformation, to address your mental and brain health from a deep and root cause level, then please reach out. 

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