Brain Balance, ADHD, EF

An ADHD diagnosis is about more than focus and hyperactivity. When you or your family member received this diagnosis, you deserved an education in Executive Function, ADHD's effect on school, work and relationships, how there are pills and then there are Lifestyle Skills. Many people receive a diagnosis and never learn about how to regulate attention, how to manage their ADHD symptoms. ADHD is Brain diagnosis. The Brain controls our life, it determines our personality, our mood, and our choices. You are not stuck with the brain you have, it can be balanced.

If you would like to learn more, to train now: Learn the 3 Steps to Focus and Brain Energy..

With Dr. Tiffany, diagnosis is Brain System and Brain Performance based, with treatments targeting Executive Function challenges, as pioneered by Dr. Russel Barkley as well as Functional Neurology as taught by Dr.'s Turner , Mellilo and Kharrazian.

When treating ADHD, and any neurological issue or impulse control disorder, it is necessary to attend to Executive Function Deficits and Brain Rebalancing. Tiffany is a Licensed Therapist but also a Certified Brain Health Coach by the Amen Clinic and trained in Functional Brain Balancing , Interactive Metronome and QNRT (neurological reset).

She has trained in these specific methods used to evaluate and then improve the health of your brain. Tiffany can work with or without the brain Spect findings, by conducting in office or virtual exams, evals and quizzes. Sample of in office IM training :Video 1 and Video 2

 Who is this appropriate for? Definitely a client with a concussion or TBI, Mood issues, CFS, Infections, Addiction, Overeating, Focus Issues and any resistant, chronic diagnosis, that has failed treatment. What will it involve? Some explanations are here: please follow this link , to get an idea of the method. How long will it take? It depends on how your brain types, and the results of in office functional evaluations.

There is not one type of Depression, Anxiety or ADD . There is not one type of Addict. Identifying the brain type is important to treatment. The brain system's customized program can even be used to improve your relationship!



Thorough intake process, where multiple assessments are completed. This option is a Brain Health Assessment, this is a 1 hour intake and history, in office 1 hr 45 minute, physical evaluation, blood work, and wellness is evaluated.

The third 90 minute appointment is a presentation of findings, and lifestyle planning appointment. You will know your "Brain System's Type", the lobes of the brain and networks that are impaired, the hemisphere dominance, and you will know which supplements, eating approach, exercise approach and Brain Retraining will work for you. A fourth and final Health Integration appointment is 3-4 weeks later.

Types of ADD

A more advanced Functional Medicine approach can be your next step, as you gather more information with the Naturopathic Evaluation and Functional Medicine treatment as well. Often times you will find out in your Brain Health Consult, as Dr. Tiffany did in her own journey, that something else: more root cause related, is contributing to your Brain System's Type.

Brain Balancing appointments include Resolving Primitive Reflexes , Focus System , Core stability, Motion Guidance Training (cerebellum), Interactive Metronome training, Eye Activation strategies and Executive Function coach-therapy. Appointments are 75 minutes to 2.5 hours and include homework.  Expect a 3-6 month commitment.  Dr. Tiffany meets with clients weekly and Bi-Monthly, you will notice changes in the first 4 weeks.

Nervous system

What is nervous system balancing and rewiring? Everything already explained, plus either Brain Balancing exercises and/or Neurological reset exercises (QNRT ). Additional calming of the nervous system can be provided with the SSP created by Dr. Stephen Porges . Dr. Tiffany offers this level of service as an Intensive. You must have already received a Brain Health Assessment. It is a 5-day treatment with Dr. Tiffany, for hours at a time. It will calm the nervous system, more info is available here.