Your family needs natural & holistic interventions to mental and behavioral health struggles, so you need Dr. Tiffany.

With a custom intervention that addresses the root of the problem, you can take your family's life back from the pain.

Address ADHD with Natural Solutions


When treating ADHD, and any neurological issue or impulse control disorder, it is necessary to attend to Executive Function Deficits and Brain Rebalancing. Tiffany is a Licensed Therapist but also a Certified Brain Health Specialist by the Amen Clinic and trained in Functional Brain Balancing (Melillo Method), Interactive Metronome and the Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP).


Redefine Your Relationship with Food


Dr. Tiffany will help your family to understand, why your teenager/child is struggling.  She helps families to holistically uncover the problems driving them to misuse and abuse food. She helps your family to rebalance, increase communication, joy, and fulfillment in life and food again. Your family can break the cycles of disordered eating and learn to treat themselves and their bodies with love and compassion.

Food Struggles

Trauma, Negative Emotions and Pain

Picture of a man fixing a brain as if it was a car

Brainspotting (BSP) is a relatively new type of therapy designed to help people access, process, and overcome trauma, negative emotions, and pain, including psychologically induced physical pain. QNRT is a nervous system Reset protocol that allows your body to recover from past stressors and traumas.

Brain Spotting QNRT

Naturopathic and Functional Medicine

Naturopathic Evaluation

-Naturopathic and Functional Medicine Evaluation and Healing Plans for:

- Holistic ADHD, Eating Disorder and TBI treatment

- Autoimmune Disorders

- Gastrointestinal Distress

- Lyme and Parasites

- Mold and Mycotoxins

- Detoxing Lymphatic Support


How to Get Started


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2. Dr. Tiffany's team will respond, and assist with next steps and expectations of the consult call

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