Brain Health Assessment

Dr. Tiffany specializes in Neuro-Psychotherapy, which involves techniques such as nervous system rewiring, brain balancing, brain optimization, and overall brain health. These approaches include The Melillo Metho, Brainspotting, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), QNRT (Quantum Neuro Reset Therapy), IFS (Internal Family Systems), CBT and Somatic therapy.

 The first step after you receive your appointment request email is to schedule a 15-minute Consult via phone. This is complimentary, Doc will just chat with you during this call. She will confirm with you, that she's the right fit for your situation. After this, you will receive a Welcome Email with a scheduled offer for an Intake appointment. Here is a welcome VIDEO from Dr. Tiffany about our onboarding process.

Also, just an FYI- As a client of Dr. Tiffany's, you'll have access to roughly three private podcasts a month. Her private podcast is called "Integrative Mental Health Therapy with Dr. Tiffany." You might find these two podcast episodes helpful:

1. It's all Brain Stuff
2. Why am I not getting Better?

Info about Dr. Tiffany:
Dr. Tiffany is a Neuro-Psychotherapist and Traditional Naturopath. She specializes in ADHD and Eating Disorders but really all things Brain-related. Doc has a Three-Legged Stool to treatment: Neurological, Physiological, and Psychological (Brain, Body and Mind) to access true healing.
She is able to see new clients for Integrated Therapy and services within 3-4 weeks of the complimentary 15-minute consult via phone.

Dr. Tiffany is private pay and a Solo Practitioner with a virtual staff. We can provide a Superbill that you submit to insurance for their determined amount of reimbursement if there are integrated psychological components of treatment.

Below is her typical program, which is her Brain Health Assessment. She completes this Holistic Brain Health Assessment prior to providing supplements, diet changes, brain health exercises and more. This speeds up the healing process of Therapy and Brain Health Coaching pretty dramatically. Clients and patients report feeling 50% better after the approach. 

Brain Health Assessment process:

The total cost to get started with Dr. Tiffany is $2,375. This includes the next 4 appointments and a robust bloodwork panel:  Intake, In-office Assessment, POF, and Health Integration. Please note that we do charge the fees 14 days prior to the Initial Interview appointment date and get the bloodwork ordered at that time.

1. The Intake and Interview Appointment is the first appointment. It is a 60-minute appointment via Zoom. Doc will review history, your intake forms, and the presenting problem. 

We do require all of the forms that we sent to your email via ADOBE to be completed 3-4 days in advance where possible.

2. In-Office Appointment. It is 1 hour and 45 minutes long.  This is a physical assessment, testing functional neurology and health presentation. This allows for a thorough treatment plan to be created, based on Brain, Body and Mind. 

3. The POF is the Presentation of Findings with a proposed Care Plan that is 90 mins. You will receive your next steps, bloodwork analysis, all directions, diet, supplements, exercise etc. This is the Treatment Plan appointment.
During this appointment, she will also know which labs make sense (if any at all). However, you will also have protocols in place immediately to help you feel better!
4. Integration Coaching Appointment is the final appointment; it is approximately 3-4 weeks after the POF. It is 40 minutes long. Doc will coach how to integrate the lifestyle portion of the treatment, functional neurology exercises, corrective supplements, and the technology that she shared.
5. Lab Review Appointment - This is optional and is not required. Doc will review any additional Bloodwork and functional labs which is 2-3 weeks after the Integration Coaching Appointment. This is a Functional Medicine and Naturopathic appointment. Doc is an Advanced Functional Medicine Practitioner trained in the Kharrazian Institute Method. 

At this time if you are an appropriate candidate for Neuro- Psychotherapy or Brain Balancing, then subsequent/succeeding appointments for are currently $265 per hour. 

If it is more appropriate to go to the next level of Functional Medicine, then that is your next phase. 

Please note that for all appointments, we do charge the fees 7 days prior to the appointment date.

You don't have to suffer, there are holistic approaches to help you feel better.