Consulting and Testing

Dr. Tiffany specializes in Neuro-Psychotherapy, which involves techniques such as nervous system rewiring, brain balancing, brain optimization, and overall brain health. 

She is fond of saying to Test, Don't Guess and Assess, Don't Guess!

So often Therapy and Medications can feel like they go on forever, without real relief. Clients and Patients feel like they are forever in treatment, but not moving forward and struggling with their symptoms.

Doc's philosophy, is that with a complete and holistic assessment, deep healing is possible. Relief from suffering is really an option. The Brain Health Assessment is one of two Assessments, that allows her to direct the Treatment Plan. It also provides stability in the system, due to the Physical and Neurological or Body and Brain Assessments that Dr. Tiffany conducts. 

Neuroplasticity occurs with 4 exposures weekly of a holistic blend of Brain Exercises and activation. Doc's method adds physical and mental change to brain change to capitalize on the Neuroscience. 

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1. It's all Brain Stuff 2. Why am I not getting Better?