Emotional Freedom Technique

What is EFT?

The EFT Basic Premise

The Basic Premise of EFT: "EFT operates on the premise that there are unresolved emotional issues either causing or contributing to any issue. The reason we say they are unresolved is that any negative experiences can be stored in the body and continue affecting the way we handle new experiences, until resolved." In other words: There is a body/mind connection. (The central nervous system is evidence of this).

           “The cause of all negative emotion is a disruption in the flow of information and energy in the body/mind system.” 

The type of EFT that is practiced by Dr. Tiffany is clinical vs., what's normally found on YouTube and social media. What differentiates Clinical EFT from Palliative (online and general) EFT is that Palliative EFT treats symptoms where Clinical EFT seeks to find and discharge the energetic resonance that is at the root of those symptoms. Doing so contributes to the elimination or reduction in present-day reactivity to stressful events. This addresses the living triggered that occurs from experiencing trauma. 

Clinical EFT is deeper and root-cause. The root-cause approach focuses on identifying the specific events that underlie a feeling, symptom, thought pattern or belief. These specific events are always stressful or traumatic to the person. It is those specific events that we use Clinical EFT to treat. There is an importance to being specific, it means that Doc will focus on the specific event that is troubling you.

EFT Tapping Points Diagram | Eft tapping, Eft, Emotional freedom ...

What to expect of an EFT Session? One thing to know is that all visits will include the EFT TAPPING POINTS (The Basic Recipe)

·        Side of Hand (SH): The fleshy part on the side of the hand that you would use to do a karate chop

·        Top of Head (TOH): At the top of the head, toward the crown, in line with the ears

·        Eyebrow (EB): At the inside corner of the eyebrow

·        Side of Eye (SE): On the edge of the bone at the outside of the eye

·        Under Eye (UE): On the edge of the bone beneath the center of the eye

·        Under Nose (UN): In the center of the area between the nose and upper lip Chin Crease

·        (CH): In the center of the area between the lower lip and chin (Also called “Under Lip” (UL)

·        Collarbone (CB): From the U-shaped bone where a person would knot a tie, go one inch down and one inch right or left, in the fleshy area.

·        Under Arm (UA) : On the side of the body about four inches below the armpit, where the bra-line would be. 

Dr. Tiffany takes the traditional EFT and captures it in a clinical way. Please see the process below. When you reach out for your appointment, feel free to mention EFT, but keep in mind that Doc likes to add it to most appointments and her work with most clients.