Communicate Empathize Rehabilitate

The research has shown that if you have experienced trauma, even perceived traumas, it impacts your ability to resist disease. Your immune system is more impaired. You are more like to develop illness, especially autoimmune diseases. This is a problem for a healer like myself, and talk therapy will only go so deep.

So much of my work includes understanding the impact of trauma on the person's ability to relate, communicate, heal, self soothe and recover.

A lack of resilience physically and psychologically can develop from trauma. This fragility can touch EVERY aspect of a person's life across decades and generations. Healing is so important.

My ADHD clients navigate trauma and are oh so vulnerable to addiction; and my client's with eating disorders almost always have a trauma dynamic to to their life, whether they are big or small traumas, doesn't matter. Learning to retrain your nervous system is a must.

This week I am embarking on the second level of an intense 4 level system, to retrain my client's nervous systems, it is a Limbic Retraining and Reset called QNRT. I've been changed since my first brain resets and so has Justin, since I've reset him twice now.

Retraining the nervous system, not only recovers the trauma experiences, but allows everything you do for health and mental wellness to "take better"! I'm excited about what this means for my clients in my practice and the outcomes I will start to see 🙌🙌!

More to come, as I currently have a list of volunteers, to have this work added to their treatment plan.